Fitness for Real Life

There’s no better feeling than that moment where you know you’ve accomplished a big goal or finding out you’re capable of so much more than you ever imagined. At CrossFit Fort Dodge, you’re going to experience so many of those valuable, confidence-boosting moments as you go down your fitness journey with us.

Our mission is to provide a fitness program that makes living the everyday easier with strength, endurance, and determination, all while sculpting a leaner, stronger, more capable body. Our classes are challenging in a way that will have you feeling energized and accomplished at the end of each workout. These workouts are designed to be accessible to everyone at any fitness level and we make it easy for anyone to experience top-notch fitness.

You can and you will.

New to CrossFit Fort Dodge?

Our Facility

CrossFit Fort Dodge’s 8,000 square foot facility boasts a spacious, well-equipped group training area as well as 1,500 square feet of turf to bring explosive strength and conditioning exercises indoors. A dedicated powerlifting area as well as Olympic weightlifting platforms are part of our fantastic gym, PLUS, gain access to our 24-hour all-access training area!

  • At first it was about losing weight, and I did. I was 204 lbs when I started now I weigh 160 even. But now my main goal is to get stronger and continue to work on getting healthy instead of focusing on the scale.

    Charity Hansen

  • I would encourage anyone, at any age, or current level of fitness to come to CFFD and give it a try... CrossFit may be the physically toughest thing you’ll ever do, but the sense of satisfaction you will get leaving the gym, soaked in sweat, having just accomplished something you never imagined you could do, will be worth every sore muscle.

    Scott Hansch

  • I have made so much progress since I started, and I keep amazing myself everyday with what I have accomplished.

    Maria Castillo